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Top reasons to say NO to Measure E in Redondo Beach

Top reasons to say NO to Measure E in Redondo Beach2022-09-20T07:16:08-07:00
What about the fees the City already has in place for cannabis licensing?2022-09-20T07:17:05-07:00

Measure E wipes out all fees that the City has put in place for cannabis retail licensing. This would result in the loss of anywhere between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 easily.

Can the City Council change anything in Measure E if passed?2022-09-20T07:00:25-07:00

No. Only another ballot measure that is passed by the voters can fix any errors in this ballot measure. That would take an enormous amount of time and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What happens if this ballot measure passes?2022-09-20T07:00:25-07:00

Years of lawsuits and turmoil. This ballot measure is in direct conflict to the Redondo’s own locally crafted law.  The two would be at odds with each other. The City has the right to be able to put the current law before to voters to vote on. This would be the easiest way to fix the mess in case Measure E passes. Even then, months of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars would be spent.

Does the City have it’s own retail cannabis law?2022-09-20T07:00:25-07:00

Yes! The City Council has been working to implement our own law to allow cannabis sales. If this measure passed, years of work will be thrown out.

Are there tax revenues with this initiative?2022-09-20T07:00:25-07:00

NO! There are no revenue streams from this initiative.  No money for extra Police, education or City services.

Does Measure E allow a fair selection of cannabis operators?2022-09-20T07:00:25-07:00

NO! Measure E was written by special interests who have crafted this initiative so that if passed, they would win a cannabis license. This entire initiative is about allowing this group to win a license, no one else.

Local Control2022-09-20T07:00:25-07:00

Measure E takes strips away local control. We lose all ability to change anything in our local ordinances. The special interest wins with an arcane process of selecting cannabis retailers.

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