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Local Cannabis Law

Local Cannabis Law2022-10-12T21:39:53-07:00
  • Redondo beach local cannabis ordinance nils nehrenheim
What about the fees the City already has in place for cannabis licensing?2022-09-20T07:17:05-07:00

Measure E wipes out all fees that the City has put in place for cannabis retail licensing. This would result in the loss of anywhere between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 easily.

What about resident input to these laws?2022-09-20T07:12:24-07:00

The City laws that are coming online are created through direct resident input. There has never been this many public hearings and public input to create these laws. Yet, there will be more times for your to give input!

Are there any revenue streams going to the City from cannabis sales?2022-09-20T07:12:24-07:00

The City law that is in place has fees that are specifically created to generate revenue for the City. Measure E conflicts with this and would wipe out those fees.

I do not see any retail cannabis locations in Redondo, are there any?2022-09-20T07:12:24-07:00

There are NO legal cannabis retailers in Redondo. The City is in the process of creating the selection process to choose the retailer license holders.

Is the local cannabis law in effect?2022-09-20T07:12:24-07:00

Yes, since September of this year in the Coastal portion of the City and early October for the rest of the City.

How long has the City been working on our local cannabis law?2022-09-20T07:12:24-07:00

Since November of 2018. A City manager task force made-up of a multitude of community resources giving a report to the City Council in 2021.

Download the Cities Law here
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