The recall and Measure E are directly tied to each other

An outside special interest from Long Beach is forcing both of these elections items. This special interest has spent over $500,000 to get these two initiatives onto the ballot. We are not doing what they want, therefore they are trying to force us to accept what they want.

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TOP four reasons to say no to measure E

Here are the top four reasons to say NO to Measure E and the recall. There are many more, these are the highlights.

Want to know who is behind this?

Yes, you won’t believe that these are the actual social media posts by those that are pushing Measure E.

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latest news about measure e and the recall

Almost out of an alternative universe movie, except this is real life. Catalyst is trying to impose its cannabis laws to override our local laws. Years of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars will be thrown out the window if Measure E wins.

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Residents and elected officials agree

Councilmember Nils Nehrenheim Councilmember Nils Nehrenheim

Measure E and the recall are perfect examples of a special interest trying to take over our town. Just say NO to both!

Council Member Nils Nehrenheim, City of Redondo Beach
Rolf Curtis Strutzenberg for RBUSD School Board

Loss of local control and direct negative impacts to our schools and community. Just say NO to Measure E

Board Member Rolf Strutzenburg, Redondo Beach School District
Just say NO to Measure E.
Council Member Todd Loewenstein, Cityof Redondo Beach
Mayor Bill Brand of Redondo Beach
STOP the special interest in their tracks. They are trying to take over our City.
Mayor Bill Brand, City of Redondo Beach

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