Residents and Elected Officials Agree: “NO” on Measure E!

Bill Brand
Bill BrandMayor of Redondo Beach
“We should not allow Redondo Beach to be taken over by a special interst. Starts with this, what is next?”
Rolf Strutzenberg
Rolf StrutzenbergSchool Board Member Redondo Beach Unified
“If they start with this, what do we expect them to do with sales to our youth? We need to act now -protect our local laws.”
Nils Nehrenheim
Nils NehrenheimCouncil Member of Redondo Beach
“I have fought special interests since day one being in office. You take a stand and never stop.”
Bob Pinzler
Bob PinzlerFormer Council Member of Redondo Beach
“No outside special interest should tell us how we should run our city. This measure is purely for a Long Beach pot dealer’s monetary benefit. Not ours.”
Todd Loewenstein
Todd LoewensteinCouncil Member of Redondo Beach
“First cannabis, then recall. What’s next? We all agree in this City that this type of influence is bad!”
Candace Nafissi
Candace NafissiCity of Redondo Beach Commissioner
“Measure E robs the City of Redondo Beach of tax revenue that could be used for vital services, upgrades of parks and capital improvement projects. Just say NO to outside special interests”
Zein Obagi
Zein ObagiCouncil Member of Redondo Beach
“They’re trying to recall me because I called out their self-serving, no
revenue initiative, Measure E. We need to send Elliot Lewis away from
Redondo and refocus on improving our city.”
Stevan Colin
Stevan ColinFormer City Council Member -Redondo Beach
“I am strongly against Measure E. Please vote No. Tax dollars should be spent on police, parks and roads, not on policing the illegal proliferation of marijuana stores that will invade our City. Join me and my neighbors in saying NO ON MEASURE E.”
  • Christian Horvath, City of Redondo Beach Council member

  • Laura Emdee, City of Redondo Beach Council member

  • Dr. Tristy Shaw, signer of arguments against.
  • Julie Young, Parent & signer of ballot arguments against
  • Gale Steubs Hazeltine, Planning Commissioner & signer of ballot arguments against
  • Sheila Lamb, Planning Commissioner
  • Jonathan Colin, resident
  • Eugene Solomon, Budget & Finance Commissioner
  • Robb Gaddis, Budget & Finance Commissioner
  • Jeff Ginsburg, former City Council member

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